Friday, February 08, 2019

Open Letter to the Port Authority About Its Metrowest "Service"

Is it possible to start a conversation about how mass transit is becoming impossible to use in some areas?  I live in Metrowest.  It used to be easy to get a 28X to go to Downtown or Oakland.  Over the last 10 years or so, companies like IKEA and now Robinson Town Centre no longer permit people to park in their rarely-full lots.  For the first time I remember, the 28X was not full at rush hour yesterday, mostly due to the parking restrictions in Metrowest.

I wouldn't mind driving to Carnegie to get the G2, but the Park and Ride only has space for 215 cars.  It does come frequently, which is an advantage, but if you drive to Carnegie and there's no place to park, you're pretty much stuck driving to Downtown or Oakland and pay for parking as the other lots along the West Busway are tiny.  Shouldn't a mass transit plan aim to reduce the number of cars in already densely-trafficked areas like Downtown and Oakland?

There are options.  For a few years, the G2 used to go to the Mall at Robinson.  Particularly now that Sears has closed, the end of the Mall at Robinson lot has plenty of parking space.  If IKEA would open up the end of their lot by the now closed Toys R Us, that would open up several hundred spaces.  There's a rumor the small lot near the Applebees in Robinson can be used as a Park N Ride but it's not marked.

It's frustrating when you'd prefer to use mass transit to avoid adding to rush hour traffic and your only option is to risk having your car towed due to parking restrictions.  In the meantime, I won't be shopping at IKEA any time soon, and hope other Metrowest commuters will consider boycotting them with me.

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