Monday, May 04, 2015

Obese Woman Walks 13.1 Miles and Survives!

Is that click-baity enough for you?

The actual title of this should be "Walking the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon Route," but these days you need an inciteful title to get any readers.


The last few years, I've been increasing my walking. I've walked over 2,450 miles since January 2012. I rarely walk a lot all at once; 3-4 miles a day tends to be my limit, except for a few days while on vacation. I've about walked 8-10 miles per day while on vacation a few times.

I can't run, but I've always been interested in walking a marathon. So I decided I'd try by following the route of the Pittsburgh half marathon.

Walking the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon Route, Saturday, May 2, 2015