Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "Would You Have Been A Nazi?" Meme

I liked the answer I got!

Many Americans comprehend the difference between disliking our government and caring about our country. In fact, since we care about America (and the Constitution), we strongly disagree with the current government.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Confluence, Pittsburgh's Science Fiction Convention, July 25-27, Joe Haldeman, Kathryn Cramer, Lord Landless

Confluence is a small, friendly science fiction convention with a terrific con suite, lots of discussion and music!

Our GoH is Joe Haldeman (yes, he will bring his guitar), the P. Schulyer Miller Critic Guest is Kathryn Cramer and the special music guest is Lord Landless. Other program participants and/or filk performers include: S. C. Butler, Ken Chiacchia, Lawrence C. Connolly, Juanita Coulson, Eric Leif Davin, Lawrence Dean, Susan Dexter, Andy Eigel, Marty Coady Fabish, Stephen C. Fisher, Pete Grubbs, Gay Haldeman, David Hartwell, William H. Keith, Jr, Fruma Klass, Geoffrey Landis, Timothy E. Liebe, Paul Melko, Judi Miller, James Morrow, Kathy Morrow, Charles Oberndorf, Naomi Pardue, Tamora Pierce, Silva, Bud Sparhawk, William Tenn, Diane Turnshek, Mary Turzillo, Dave Wells and Darren Ziege. Yes, Poexry is Friday night, and, on Saturday, our local players will be performing an original satire by Jim Morrow on Saturday night.

Our hotel is the Doubletree Pittsburgh Airport. It's close enough to the airport to be a free shuttle ride away, but not so close that airport noise will keep you up all weekend. Parking is free, and you can walk to a number of local restaurants. Our hotel block closes July 3.

Conflunce also features a large (and sold out) Dealers Room, Art Show and Video Program (the theme this year is "Comics and Graphic Novels to Movies"). We also run Autographings, Readings and Literary Beers, to give you the chance to see your favorite writer in a smaller setting.

Prereg closes July 3. One day memberships will be available at the door.