Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yes, Larry King's "Priorities" Are In Order...

Last night, Paris Hilton was on Larry King. A no-talent girl who'd been sent to jail after ignoring her probation. I didn't watch the show, as I rarely watch Larry King. And now, I doubt I'll ever watch him again.

To have on that no-talent publicity sink on his show last night, Larry King bounced Michael Moore. Now, whether you love Moore or hate him, he's an interesting rabble rouser, and is much more relevant to society than Hilton. Hilton is a nothing, but since she's a cute girl with money, way too many slobber over her. King and CNN ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they probably aren't.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Look at the Duke Lacrosse Case

I have to admit, when I first heard the story back in April 2006 about the alleged rapes by several Duke lacrosse, I thought the guys were probably guilty. How often have we all heard the stories of testosterone-crazed jocks attacking women? How many times have we seen dazed young women stagger out of fraternities, not quite sure what happened to them?

So, yeah, I admit a rush to judgment on my part.

In the weeks after the alleged rapes, both the alleged victim's friends and the alleged perpetrators showed up on national TV, playing their respective parts. Because the friends of the victim always stand up for her, and the alleged perps always, always claim innocence.

As soon as the D. A. didn't release the results of the DNA tests in a timely fashion, it was clear to me that there was no case. DNA testing is based on science, not conjecture. If the DNA found in the alleged victim, did not match the DNA from the alleged perps, that means the alleged perps were not intimately involved with her. It's as simple as that. If a rape happened, someone other than the accused was involved.

Turns out rapes were definitely involved in the Duke lacrosse case, but not of the classic, physical, men against women kind. Instead, the law and the men involved were the ones that were raped.

I'm glad the D. A. was disbarred; it's what he deserved. I'm not sure what should happen to the alleged victim. She lied about a crime. She was not completely innocent in all this.

Rape is a very serious crime which is why so many people reacted in the way that they did when they heard about the alleged crime. The real crime turned out to be against the lacrosse players. I wonder if this incident has made any of them more sensitive towards the issue of rape? I'd like to think so.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris vs. Some Gitmo Detainees - What's Wrong With This Picture??

So let's see...

A ditsy American heiress gets four days in jail for breaking her probation (because this was at least
a third strike for her), followed by mansion...errr house arrest.

At least a few people have been stuck in Gitmo for up to five years whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm not saying everyone in Gitmo is innocent, but I expect there are a bunch who are, given our government's overreaching and utter lack of any oversight. Of course, we may never know as the names of most Gitmo detainees are not made public.

So the government (at least the L. A. Sheriff's Office) can show an inordinate amount of...of..."compassion" for
someone like Paris. At the same time, the Federal government is incapable of showing any compassion for some number of Islamic people who have no money and no connections. And besides, they aren't at all "cute."

What's wrong with this picture??

Paris did the quiet equivalent of throwing a tantrum, and, what's worse got away with it. Any parent can tell you that the threat by a child to not eat can be ignored for a couple of days and the kid will not starve. Not even some one as skinny as Paris.

At least she has to go back to court Friday morning. I wonder if she'll decide her ankle bracelet is "too heavy" to wear?

When is America going to be involved in meting out real justice? As in the past, rich people get away with murder, and poor people are stuck in jail. It's disgusting.