Sunday, October 23, 2011

Investors Should (Dis)Occupy Wall Street - Dump Bank of America, Citigroup (et.c.) Stock

The average investor who profited from stock market roller coaster of 2008 and 2009 in no way caused it - we're investors, we have 401ks, we have diversified portfolios and we have a home that we bought with a 20% down payment.  We were doing the things every rational investment advisor had been telling small investors to do for years.

And many of us who invest reasonably in the stock market do believe we should be taxed more, even though we aren't millionaires.  Most investors hate the way America is becoming a third world country, and understand the only way to fix that now is to increase taxation for people making above, say $100,000.  We want a stable, educated America.

So many millions of investors agree with most of the the Occupy Wall Streeters.  But the way investors should act is to Dis-Occupy Wall Street.

Now is the time is to take the power from financial companies by refusing to invest in their financial products.  If you hold stock in BankAmerica, Citi, etc., dump the stock.  Invest in small companies rather than in financial firms.  The financial firms have been bringing this country down for years, and we can fight that by selling all of their stock.  Review the companies your 401k is invested in and shift your funds away from financial companies.