Sunday, October 19, 2003

Another Wedding!

Another wedding, another driving trip to Massachusetts (some ten hours away):

Trask Family at Terry and Jessica Trask's Wedding, October 18, 2003

From the left, Rachel with her fiance Jeff Trask (brother of the groom), Jeff Cranston (best man), Ruth and Bill Trask (parents of the groom), Jessica and Terry Trask, Leah Bradford (daughter of the bride), Carrie Trask, Laurie Mann (sisters of the groom), Leslie Mann (niece of the groom) and Jim Mann (brother-in-law of the groom).

This wedding also went very well (see entry from early September 2003 on Jim's brother's wedding). Jessica is a hospice nurse and Terry is an ECO specialist for Network Engines. They met in a college class back in 1995, when Leah was a baby, so Terry has been her virtual Dad ever since. They got married in the same church Jim and I got married in back in 1977:

Trask and Mann Families at Jim and Laurie Mann's Wedding, May 22, 1977