Saturday, December 14, 2013

Remembering the Newtown Kids on the First Anniversary of Their Murders

  • The 1st anniversary after the #newtown murders - remember the kids shot that day, as the NRA-owned Congress does not care - WE DO! #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Emilie Parker who would've been 7 on 5/12, wanted to be Hermionie Granger for her birthday. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Charlotte Bacon, in whose memory a Kindness Award was started. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Jesse Lewis who wrote "Nurturing Healing Love" on a chalkboard at home before he was murdered. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering the rambunctious Noah Pozner whose twin sister was in another class. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering red-headed Daniel Barden whose dad taught him Jingle Bells on the piano on his last morning. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Olivia Engel, who was a Daisy Girl Scout. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Josephine Gay, who loved the water and whose parents set up a fund for autistic children. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Dylan Hockley whose parents included a reading of Goodnight Moon at his memorial service. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Madeleine Hsu who loved dogs and wearing pink. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Catherine Hubbard who loved animals. Her parents asked for donations to an animal center. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Chase Kowalski who loved sports & played baseball. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Ana Marquez-Greene, who sang via video during her funeral. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering James Mattioli who always loved to sing. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Grace McDonnell who loved the beach. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Jack Pinto who was buried in a NY Giants jersey. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Caroline Previdi whose favorite charity was The Toy Chest at her church. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Jessica Rekos who wanted cowboy boots for Christmas. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Avielle Richman whose Dad had been blogging about her adventures in 2012. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Jonathan Wheeler who wanted to be a paleontologist. #WeAreNewtown
  • Remembering Allison Wyatt, an artistic girl who shared with strangers. #WeAreNewtown
  • We should never forget the children of #newtown, particularly on the anniversary of their murders. Write your representative - better gun laws save lives. #WeAreNewtown

I have remembered the educators who tried to protect the children on Dead People Server.

Never forget that these were the senators who cared more about the NRA's opinion of them than the 90% of the public who wants better background checks. Here are the Twitter accounts of these senators:

@SenAlexander @KellyAyotte @SenJohnBarrasso @MaxBaucus @SenatorBegich

@RoyBlunt @JohnBoozeman @SenatorBurr @SaxbyChambliss @SenDanCoates

@TomCoburn @JeffFlake @SenThadCochran @SenBobCorker @JohnCornyn

@MikeCrapo @SenTedCruz @SenatorEnzi @SenMikeLee @SenatorFischer

@GrahamBlog @ChuckGrassley @SenOrrinHatch @jiminhofe

@SenatorHeitkamp @SenDeanHeller @SenJohnHoeven @SenatorIsakson

@Mike_Johanns @SenRonJohnson @McConnellPress @JerryMoran

@lisamurkowski @SenRandPaul @robportman @SenMarkPryor @SenatorRisch

@SenPatRoberts @marcorubio @SenatorTimScott @SenatorSessions

@SenShelbyPress @SenJohnThune @DavidVitter @SenatorWicker

Friday, December 13, 2013

Twitter Hashtag - #FirstThingIBoughtOnline

Started a Twitter hashtag in honor of this most commercial of seasons: #FirstThingIBoughtOnline: 3-year old cheddar cheese @CabotCoop 12/1994 What's the first thing you bought online? Stop by Twitter, use the hashtag and write about it!