Friday, May 12, 2006

Moving to the Country

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Our move to a new house went well. The weather was just perfect; maybe a little warm on the second day, but not too bad.

I was tired and didn't get as much packing/cleaning done as I'd hoped. But the moving crew (Allegheny Valley Transfer - Allied Van Lines) took everything in stride. There was one problem on their side - they didn't bring a big enough truck. So they brought in another truck during the afternoon.

Two Trucks...

Jim cleaned up the former library.

The Library

We left one last load of trash on the curb.

Good-bye to All That

The movers found the new place the next morning.


Unpacking and set-up continues. I got the kitchen set-up yesterday while Jim focused on his office. Today, I have to return to the old house to pick up some things I'd left behind and do some cleaning.

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Michael A. Burstein said...

I like the picture of Jim with the vacuum cleaner.