Monday, April 15, 2002

Why Blog?

I'm still not sure "why blog" when I've been writing Web pages since 1994. But, I thought I'd give it a shot. So, here's the continuation of the World's Slowest Blog (AKA: Laurie Mann's Home Page), begun in the fall of 1994, when the Web (and I) were both younger.

I actually had other tasks for today (today being a "non-work" day - due to the "tech recession" the best job I could find was a part time Web contract job), but I was somewhat taken aback by the news that Damon Knight had died. Yes, I know he was 79, so I shouldn't have been taken aback by much. Still, there are always those people whom you've only met occasionally that you hope to see more of in the future, despite their age. I felt that way very strongly about Damon.

Tax returns are done for another year. Actually, they were mostly done in February -- I like to send in returns for refunds early and hold the returns that need payment in mid-April. I do wish that that Post Office wouldn't be open extra hours on April 15. It just encourages the procrastinators.