Tuesday, April 23, 2002

We Spent an Enjoyable Three Days Up in Boston

Jim and I help to run science fiction conventions. Last year, we managed the Program division for the Millennium Philcon. So now that we're starting to emerge from the burn-out from last year's Worldcon, we're starting to work on the 2004 Worldcon. We really don't know what we'll be doing for the next Noreascon. Jim has been somewhat more definite than I've been; I have some ideas of what I'd like to do, but I'm mostly trying to be very flexible and open-minded.

While we lived in Massachusetts from 1982-1993, we only spend about a week a year up there now as we're settled in Pittsburgh. Boston is really bustling, despite the high tech bust. I saw at least eight different limos in the Back Bay last Saturday night. We visited friends and family and had some terrific meals. We highly recommend Tapeo, a suburb Spanish Tapas restaurant about three blocks away from the Sheraton (home of next year's Boskone and N4 in 2004).