Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We've Dumped Rick!!!!

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Casey was projected the winner by a fair margin early on.

I'm so glad we've sent Rick packing (hopefully to his new home of Virginia, since he really hasn't lived in Pennsylvania for a while).

In his concession speech, Santorum said the Pennsylvanians were opinionated, and sometimes, that wasn't a good thing. Oh yes it was. It was a very good thing for Pennsylvanians, just not for him.

Melissa Hart also lost. Much as we need more women in Congress, we didn't need Bush-rubber stamps like her.

Unfortunately, one of Bush's other local rubber stamps, Tim Murphy (my rep) did win. Oh well.


Vanessa said...

Seriously, "Santorum ousted" is the best thing I've read in *weeks*.

Charlene said...

This is such good news. I hadn't realized until today that Santorum had lost. He's such a twit.