Thursday, November 02, 2006

Representative Murphy, Like So Many Others, Is a Crook, Too

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Is every single politician a crook?

Even my Congressman, Tim Murphy, has been accused of illegal activity - making your paid Congressional staff work on your campaign has always been illegal. And taking a TV reporter's papers related to this scandal while on the air has to be one of the most amazingly stupid things I've ever seen a political hack do.

So here's the note I E-mailed to Rep. Murphy tonight:

Dear Representative Murphy:

You've always presented yourself as just a citizen working for his district. That does not seem to be true; you're just another political hack feeding at the public trough. Your behavior on KDKA was ridiculous in the absurd - you don't think the reporter has other copies of the evidence against you? I'm glad I never voted for you.

Laurie D. T. Mann


Piltdown Man said...

Hi -

Sorry to have to burst your balloon, but Tim Murphy is an absolute phoney, who cares more about the cleft in his chin than he does his constituents!

This is a guy who is so arrogant and mean with his employees that he has the highest employee turnover rate in Congress! Nobody wants to work for him...which is why (finally!) some of his deeds are becoming public - because someone decided "enough is enough."

Don't let this guy's TV persona fool you. The REAL Tim Murphy is a lame politician through and through. Hopefully others like you will start to see what Tim is all about...and send him off to the same place Jeff Habay now resides....


Laurie said...

Well, it looks like we're in violent agreement. I'm not sure why you think we aren't!