Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annual Look at the Oscars 2011

I saw and liked most of the movies nominated for Oscars for last year (of the major flicks, haven't seen True Grit, 127 Hours or Black Swan). If anything, last year was a better year for movies in a few years. It seemed like there were a few more movies for grown-ups out there.

I liked Social Network very much, but I liked The King's Speech a little bit more. Both are classics.

Best Picture: The King's Speech [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Actor: Colin Firth [so owed, especially for last year] [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale [Geoffrey Rush is a definite possibility; he and Firth were terrific together] [[[WON!!! - I was so surprised when he wasn't nominated years ago for Empire of the Sun]]]
Best Actress: Natalie Portman [the so-owed Annette Benning could win for a terrific performance in The Kids Are Alright] [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo [though she may be hit by some backlash due to some badly-timed promotional advertising, so Hailee Steinfeld is still a possibility] [[[WON! - I'm sure the producers are reminding potential winners not to swear onstage]]]
Best Animated Feature: The Illusionist [I know, it's not Toy Story 3 - it's so much better!] [[[Toy story 3 won]]]
Best Art Direction: Inception [[[Alice in Wonderland won - thought it was a bit too weird]]]
Best Cinemetography: Inception [[[WON!]]]
Best Costume Design: The King's Speech [[[Alice in Wonderland won - still think Alice was too over-the-top in its costume design, too]]]
Best Directing: Tom Hooper [The King's Speech] [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Documentary Feature: Gasland [[[Inside Job won]]]
Best Documentary Short Subject: Strangers No More [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Film Editing: 127 Hours [I found the editing for Social Network sloppy] [The Social Network won]
Best Foreign Language Film: Outside the Law [Algeria] [[[In a Better World - Denmark - won]]]
Best Makeup: The Wolfman [[[WON!!! - always nice to see Rick Baker win an award]]]
Best Original Score: The Social Network [though I didn't really care for any of the music this year - loved the scoare for Up last year] [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Original Song: If I Rise [haven't heard that one, but the other songs were pretty bad] [Whatever Randy Newman wrote for Toy Story won...]
Best Short Film (Animated): The Lost Thing [go Shaun Tan! 2nd year in a row, I'll get to cheer an Oscar nominee I've met!] [[[WON!!! - Absolutely delighted about this one]]]
Best Short Film (Live Action): The Crush [[[God of Love won]]]
Best Sound Editing: Inception [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Sound Mixing: The Social Network [Inception won (so that's fine - it had amazing sound work all the way around)]
Best Visual Effects: Inception [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Writing (Adapted): The Social Network [[[WON!!!]]]
Best Writing (Original): The King's Speech [[[WON!!!]]]

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