Thursday, January 06, 2011

Allegheny County Follies: Christmas Tree Recycling Centers

The government in Allegheny county often has good ideas - then mars the good ideas with lousy implmementation.

Take Christmas tree recycling. A good idea. Many of us don't want years of dead Christmas trees in our backyard, but thought leaving them out on the curb each January for trash pick-up was a little weird.

So when I saw the announcement of Christmas Tree Recycling Centers, I thought "Great!" I packed up our dying tree, loaded it in the trunk, and headed for the Settlers Park Pool parking lot, to have our Christmas tree mulched.

Of course, when I got there, well before the 3:30pm close time, the gate to the Settlers Park Pool lot was closed. No signs, no nothing.

I drove off in the direction of the park office. Along the way, I saw an area off to the side where about ten discarded Christmas trees lay, along with mulch nearby. As it was snowing and the road was getting iffy, I turned around in the first safe location and dumped my tree along with the others. I may have left my tree in the right place, but would posting a sign have killed somebody?

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