Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Been Blogging Much Here

I've been busy with an interesting class (have a paper due this Thursday), following the local shooting of The Road, and, busiest of all, have been an extra in a 20-something comedy called She's Out of My League. I'll probably only have another day or two of extra shooting. As a longtime movie fan, it's been mostly a blast.

I will vote in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22. For the last year, I was planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now, I'm not so sure. It's not just her vote for the Iraq war, though that was one of the stupider thing she did. I just haven't liked the tone of her whole campaign over the last few months. Barack has about as much experience now as Bill Clinton did in 1992, and, somehow, that doesn't make him experienced enough to be president now?

I'd really like to see a woman in the White House. But I'd also like someone not so beholden to special interests, and someone who's an inspiring speaker (for a change!).

I'm definitely leaning more towards Barack Obama than I have been.

4/15/08: Change me to a definite Obama voter now. Clinton's campaign has gone negative in the kind of ad the Republicans used against Kerry. If she's going Republican, I'm voting for Obama.


Vanessa said...

When she sat down with Dick Scaife is when I knew it was over for me. I am really annoyed by the whole thing, because I wanted her to do well, and I was genuinely torn about whom to choose.

Stan said...

Hi Laurie,

I love the DPS server. Read your blog and just wanted to give you some information on a comment you made. Clinton did have far more experience than Obama does. By the time Clinton ran for President he had served three terms (12 years) as Arkansas governor and 2 years as Arkansas Attorney General. Being a governor of a state is the equivalent of being the president of that state as well as the commander-in-chief of its military forces, a job which involves the responsibility of management of all the states executive branches. Obama on the other hand has had only a support position as a state senator in Illinois for 8 years and now about 4 years as a Congress member. Sadly, Senators have no executory skills required of them (except for their own small staff). So incomparing resume's for the position and skill set required for the office of President of the US, none of the candidates have an real skills for the position.

Don't hate me! I love America and just want everyone who is going to vote to have a clear picture of who they're voting for and why!!!


Laurie Mann said...

Stan, I don't hate you. I respect people who can disagree reasonably. I have gotten a fair amount of irrational comments posted to this blog which I do not publish. Rational commentary is always appreciated.

You make good points, but I feel Barack's ability to galvanize people and his experience both as a low-level organizer and as a legislator are legitimate. Maybe I was wrong to compare his experience to Bill Clinton's in 1992; but what about his experience to Hillary Clinton in 2008? Yeah, I suppose point-for-point, Hillary would have more experience too.

I found Hillary's campaign to have gone too negative in Pennsylvania to support it. Further, I'm annoyed with both of them over their refusal to have a debate on science and the government. Instead, they had a "debate on faith-issues." Gaack. Makes you wonder if they both missed the part in the Constitution about "No religious tests."