Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Anniversary of Bocktown Beer and Grill

Bocktown from the outside

Jim and I have been regulars out at Bocktown Beer and Grill in North Fayette since we realized there was a non-smoking beer bar in Allegheny county. Owner Chris Dilla threw a first anniversary party for the bar on November 29.

Chris Dilla with her Husband John

Chris Dilla with her husband John at the Bocktown first anniversary party.

Bocktown from the inside

Bocktown from the inside.

The band

The band makes music.

BarSmart Poster

BarSmart Poster for the Beer Poll.

The bouncer

The "bouncer."

Christmas beer selection

Christmas beer selection.

Jim shows off his winnings

Jim won a T-shirt from Stone Brewing! The T-shirt is completely appropriate.

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