Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Continuing Abuse of 9/11...From All Sides

The neo-cons keep using 9/11 as an excuse to be in Iraq.

Al-Queda (the version run by bin Laden) uses 9/11 as an excuse to try to convert the West to Islam.

Various factions in Iraq don't use 9/11 per se, but use the ensuing American-led power vacuum as an excuse to kill off "infidels" in the other factions.

There's currently a commercial by some neo-con support group in which a wounded American soldier blames 9/11 and terrorism on Iraq. It's such a lie that I want to throw something at the TV whenever I hear it. Yes, more Americans have now been killed in Iraq than by bin Laden's Al-Queda (though, a related group, Al-Queda in Iraq, have certainly killed many Iraqis, Americans and other folks in Iraq over the last four years). Yes, Hussein was a dictator, but we don't go out and topple all dictators. There are dictators in Saudi Arabia and other places who stay in power with American help.

It's disgusting what the neo-con-led American government continues to do.

9/11 is a sad day for America. But, frankly, our government's secondary response, to overthrow a generally uninvolved country, was a horrible thing to do. The American people, generally, have recovered from 9/11. But the Iraqi people may not.


Richard said...

In the wake of 9/11 Bush and the United States of America had virtually unlimited international good will. It's hard to imagine those days now.

C.S. Lewiston said...

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, we declared war on Japan, not India.

FWIW, Osama Bin Laden was a business partner with George W. Bush in the 1970s.

9-11 is the Republican Woodstock. It has given them all the excuses they need to repeal the Bill of Rights, pack the Supreme Court with right-wing morons, suppress dissent and crush the Congressional opposition.

Question is, can we stop them, or is it time to flee for Costa Rica?

Laurie Mann said...

I don't think Woodstock is such a good analogy. The anarchy at Woodstock was limited to the people who were there (while the rest of us, depending on our ages, either watched, wishing we were there or in horrid fascination).

While political parties often behave as if they have no long term memories, I think many of the neocons are looking at themselves as "saving" America after evil-doers like Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson enlarged the US government to HELP people. This time, the government has just been enlarged to help the rich and other neocons.