Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stunning Performances by the Pittsburgh Symphony and Violinist Julia Fischer

Jim and I try to go to the Pittsburgh Symphony once or twice a year. We bought tickets to four concerts this season and have really lucked out with our selections.

Last night, we heard the sublime violinist Julia Fischer perform the Beethoven Violin Concerto.

We're frankly not up on the current crop of classical performers. We had no idea who Julia Fischer was. We know now. To say she and the symphony were superb last night do neither of them justice.

The Beethoven Violin Concerto is the sort of classical piece we've all heard snippets of. It is a fairly long and challenging piece, for the orchestra as well as the violinist. They were all beyond wonderful last night.

I know that the Brahms piece in the second part of the concert was recorded; I wonder if the violin concerto was because I'd run out and buy that without hesitation once it is released.


fmfischer said...

Unfortunately the Beethoven violin concerto has not been recorded this time. In a couple of days, however, Julia Fischer's new CD with Brahms' Violin and Double concertos will hit the shelves. Issued by PentaTone, catalog number: PTC5186066.

Frank-Michael Fischer

Laurie Mann said...

I hope she does record the Beethoven Violin Concerto some day, preferably with the Pittsburgh Symphony.